Swimming Pool System
– 100m³/hr

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A water treatment system for swimming pools that requires very little maintenance and only 1/3 of space required (for common swimming pool water treatment system).

With our ceramic membrane ultrafiltration system, it is capable of maintaining water quality with much less wastage of water during back-washing.

Containerized Water Treatment system
– 1m³/hr

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A containerised wastewater treatment system designed to minimise the amount of waste water generated from offshore plant pipe cleaning operations.

Due to the nature of wastewater generated by these operations, the wastewater can not be discharged to the ocean and must be disposed of engaging specialised chemical disposal companies. The cost of such disposal is determined by the volume of water disposed of.

Our system can reduce the amount of volume by ~ 90% therefore eliminates a significant portion of disposal cost

Rice Water Recycling System
- 10m³/hr


The rice washing process in rice noodle factory is a highly water-intensive process that produces a significant amount of pale white starchy wastewater.

Liquinex system is capable of efficiently recovering reusable clean water from wastewater thus reducing the amount of water used in the factory process.


River Water Treatment For Municipal Drinking Water Plant 

Liquinex planned and designed the upgrading of a river water treatment plant in Malaysia in 2018. Situated in a remote mining area, the water key challenge was the removal of heavy metals such as iron, lead, aluminium and manganese. Our system was able to remove these contaminants without the use of chemical flocculants.

Solvent Recovery System

Apart from water, our ceramic membrane ultrafiltration system is also used to clean hot process fluids. It is being used in the Aerospace  industry to recover premium solvent and extend the life of the chemical. The precious solvent can then be reused for an extended period of time instead of being disposed. This in turns save the company significant amount of cost.

In summary, Liquinex's ceramic membrane systems are used in various industries, performing in a range of different environments.

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Filtration of training pool for flight attendants

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Here is a before and after picture of the training pool; Making a difference to swimming pool water quality with our leading-edge ceramic membrane filters



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