At Liquinex, we are proud to be recognised globally for our innovative water treatment technology.

Liquinex was awarded first place in the Innovative Research and Development (International Institutions) category of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Water Award in Dubai  on 29th Jan 2020. A total of 96 applicants from over 30 countries were received for the 3 award categories. The ceremony was reported by the local Gulf News media in the link below.

The prestigious award supports R&D of new and innovative technologies that produce, desalinate and purify water to support the global position of the UAE in developing solutions for challenges that are faced by poverty- and disaster-stricken communities worldwide.

Check out our featured article in the Asian Water News in the link below.

Awarded a gold medal in Asia Invent 2020 in Singapore in April.

Featured in multiple publications and media coverage across the region.

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PRESS RELEASE - 22 March 2022

World Water Day

Liquinex Press Release_22March2022

Today is the World Water Day to raise awareness about the need for clean and safe drinking water around the world, particularly in developing countries. With a rapidly growing population, urbanization and economic development, the supply of drinking water in urban areas has become unsustainable. The demand for the most vital, clean water, is constantly increasing in both developed and developing countries. In several cases there is access to water, but the water infrastructure is old, poorly maintained or not possible to develop at the rate at which cities are growing. The water is often contaminated and dangerous to drink. The problem is often solved with heavy cans of water for daily use that can be drunk at least after boiling or by buying drinking water in plastic bottles with pollution as a result.

To help combat this issue, Liquinex today launches the WaterWall. An innovative water purification system for homes and small businesses that turns unsafe water into high quality, clean tap water. The Waterwall is an extension of Liquinex’s award-winning Suitcase-size humanitarian water purification system and the name WaterWall is inspired by Tesla's Powerwall. Indonesia (Jakarta) will be the first Asian market to adopt this innovative technology.

Liquinex's WaterWall is connected to the public water system in the user's house to then purify and distribute clean and safe water to all water taps in the household.

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