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Our Product Catalog

We have summarized the basic information on the products shown on this page. For products with no price tag, please contact us for more information by clicking the button beside the product, and we will get back to you on the price.


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Mini/Standard Compact Water Purification System

Compact Water Purification System (CWPS) is a lightweight portable water treatment unit. It is designed to be easily deployed for emergency response and used in remote locations. The system makes use of ultrafiltration ceramic membrane technology which is capable of filtering sub-micron-size particles including bacteria and viruses

Mini Compact Water Purification System:

52 x 40 x 22cm
Flow Rate
up to 150 litres/hour
12 kg

Standard Compact Water Purification System:

63 x 50 x 30cm
Flow Rate
up to 500 litres/hour
30 kg

Ceramic Membrane Filtration System

Ceramic Membrane Filtration System is used in industrial application for the physical separation of suspended solids capable of filtering micron-size particles without the use of chemicals.

It is designed to be fully automatic with PLC controlled cleaning function, complete with programmable timer to activate the backpulse and backwash functions. In addition, manual water backwash is incorporated to purge out impurities and residue that remain on the ceramic membrane after prolonged operation cycle.

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