Clean Water Anywhere, from a Suitcase

Our compact water purification suitcase is a portable water treatment unit, designed to be easily deployed for emergency response and used in remote locations. Hence our tag-line -

The system makes use of ultrafiltration ceramic membrane technology which is capable of filtering sub-micron-size particles including bacteria and viruses.

Novel Forward Osmosis Suitcase

Working with Aquaporin (Denmark), we developed our Forward Osmosis suitcase using Aquaporin's biomimetic membrane that can draw pure water out of wastewater.

Liquinex is the distributor and systems-solution partner of LiqTech, Denmark. Silicon Carbide Ceramic Membranes are used for all of our products.

15D System

Our system can be configured to be automatic or semi-automatic that can minimize human intervention during operation. Additional options include remote monitoring and control system.

Our engineers will assess our plant specifications in order to recommend the appropriate capacity and configuration.

Potable water from the seas and rivers

Liquinex's reverse osmosis systems have been in service in some countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Many places in the world do not have access to tap water, and for the residents of these places, their main source of water comes from nearby rivers and oceans.

Some rivers contains a certain level of salinity. These type of waters are known as brackish water. Although ultrafiltration technology can be used to treat water into potable water, ultrafiltration is unable to remove salts, flouride, and other dissolved solids in water. For such sources of water, a brackish water reverse osmosis (BWRO) system will be required. In the event seawater is the only available water source, a seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) system will be required instead.

Our reverse osmosis systems in service has been providing locals within these areas with an easily accessible high quality potable water.

dirty river

World class drinkable water from every tap in your home

Water can easily be accessible from taps in many countries, but how many are safe for consumption directly? From an infographic published by QS supplies, the quality of drinking water can be graded with an EPI scoring system, with a numerical score that ranges from 0 to 100. An EPI score of 100 indicates that the water is the safest in the world for consumption directly from tap.

Many countries in the world have an EPI score that suggest that their tap water are not very safe for direct consumption. Countries in the Southeast Asia region such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia have a large population, but their EPI scores are of varying levels under 50.

The concept of Liquinex's waterwall is to provide quality world-class potable water in countries with lower water quality EPI score by treating water within the walls of homes and establishments, while keeping a lower profile in the shape of a wall.

Similar to the Compact Water Purification Suitcase, the waterwall system makes use of ultrafiltration ceramic membrane technology which is capable of filtering sub-micron-size particles including bacteria and viruses. The Deep UV technology adds on another level of safeguard that kills bacteria and viruses.

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For various applications

Liquinex also provide various other solutions such as filtration systems for solvent recovery in aerospace industries, algae extraction, starch removal in rice noodle factory, non-potable water filtration purposes for swimming pools, aquaculture water treatment, oil-water separation etc.

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Water treatment for swimming pools.


Water treatment for coal mines to remove large quantities of tailings containing coal and sand particles that heavily pollute the environment.


Combined Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration system used to treat contaminated water from washing waste chemical drums.


Above: Filtration system for Algae Extraction.

Right: Solvent recovery ultrafiltration system used to clean hot process fluids. Premium solvent can be recovered, allowing the chemicals to be reused, reducing waste and lowers significant amount of cost.


Sustainability Goals

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable business.